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Which Caesarstone surface suits my particular style?

Caesarstone appreciates that everyone has their unique style. We feel the same way about our surfaces. No two are exactly alike but all are lovingly crafted to Caesarstone’s high standards of quality. We continuously strive to provide a variety of surfaces to suit everyone’s style preferences. But we don’t stop there. Caesarstone guides you throughout the entirety of your dream kitchen journey and offers an array of options to help you pick the right surface for you, as well as a wealth of knowledge for your entire kitchen redesign.

For those who don’t quite know what their style is yet, you can take our helpful style quiz. And for those who do know, you can skip straight to our style stories to find the perfect surface for the heart of your home. For example, perhaps you prefer more modern aesthetics. In that case, you might like 5043 Montblanc, a powerful combination of dark dashes that enrich this harmonious light-grey base, providing a bold but tasteful centrepiece to your space. Or maybe 1141 Pure White, the perfect white surface to help give your kitchen that greatly coveted clean, fresh finish.

If you’re in the midst of a kitchen refurbishment but you’re struggling to visualise your chosen worktop in your stripped-out kitchen, we can help here too. Try our kitchen visualiser to start piecing together your vision, including your backsplashes, cabinets, flooring and more. Or simply request a sample or two today to see a Caesarstone surface in your chosen lighting and next to your favourite accessories to get a sense of how it will all come together.