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Which are Caesarstone's marbled or veined surfaces?

Across the Caesarstone range, marbling and veining now comes in a wide range of variations. From the delicacy of intricately laced lines to the dynamic drama of oversized thicker veining, the array of possibilities facilitate a range of design statements. 

Combine with the quality and durability synonymous with Caesarstone surfaces for worktops that deliver both on looks and form. In particular, our Supernatural Collection features quartz and porcelain surfaces that are inspired by the veins found in marble or granite.

The Whitelight Collection features a suite of lighter veined surfaces, comprised of new forms representing the most current interpretations of natural stone, and enduring classics that perfectly capture the march of time and a millennia of geological processes. Download The Whitelight Collection Brochure to find out more.

We also have several sumptuous dark veined worktops included within our Art of Darkness collection. Download The Art of Darkness: dramatic, bold surfaces by Caesarstone for a full overview of the surfaces.