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What worktops go with white kitchens?

A white kitchen can offer the perfect blank canvas but with this abundance of choice, comes the uncertainty of where to start. With Caesarstone’s years of experience, we can confidently recommend pairing your white kitchen with a neutral worktop.

Whites such as Aterra Blanca and Snowdrift can continue the clean white theme that many modern kitchens adopt. However, for those wanting a more nature-infused kitchen can incorporate earthy browns and greiges like in our Emprada and Striata worktops to instantly elevate your space.

Grey shades full of veins like Noble Grey and Archetta work well for both natural and modern styles. But colours like Aluminous and Rugged Concrete shine when installed in industrial-themed kitchens. Blacks can showcase a bold contrast, but inky colours such as Empira Black and Smokestone include lighter elements that will soften the darkness and provide a cohesive monochrome look. Other options within this colourway include the Pebbles Collection, inspired by the distinct organic qualities of the humble pebble, it features five stunning surfaces that bring the warmth of the natural world into your kitchen.

No matter which of these beautiful colours catches your eye the most, opt for a Caesarstone worktop that will remain beautiful for years to come.