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What should I expect from a quote from a fabricator?

Helping you understand your fabrication quote

To help understand and compare your quotes, you can ask for it to be broken down so that costs for material can be seen separately to the costs for templating, fabrication and installation. Remember to ask if costs shown include VAT. 

Caesarstone has different prices that range from the most economical (1), to the most premium and luxurious surfaces (5). These relate to the raw materials and complexity of the design and manufacturing processes used for each. While material costs may change, depending on your selection, costs for templating, fabrication and installation should not differ between material price groups – it costs the same to template, fabricate and install a Group 1 design as it does a Group 5 design. 

As with any important purchase, it can pay to get two or three quotes for your worktop. If you require fabricator recommendations to help you with this process, then please contact us at info@caesarstone.co.uk. If you do look for multiple quotes, it is important to ensure that they are for the same Caesarstone material. 

Buying stone worktops is not always the easiest thing to navigate; differing information and material choice can be confusing. You may be offered materials that ‘are just like Caesarstone. The good news is that there are some big brands that ensure that products are designed and manufactured using sustainable and ethical practices, are fully tested, certificated and come with comprehensive warranties and support. 

Caesarstone UK is a UK registered company and you can find some useful information on our testing, certification and design processes here, as well as our lifetime warranty

Our advice is to pick the stone that you love from a reputable brand (we’re confident that it will be Caesarstone) and shop around for the best price. If you do that, then you’ll have a worktop that sets off your new kitchen to a tee and will continue to look amazing for years to come.