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What are the different finishes of Caesarstone quartz?

Please note that the finish options vary according to the design of our products, with finish options chosen to perfectly complement the visual aesthetic of each design in our portfolio. Please view the online catalogue for details of finish availability for each of our surfaces.


This light-reflecting gloss finish will make any kitchen feel expansive and spacious. Smooth and silky to the touch, the elegance of Polished Caesarstone surfaces require minimal care.


The innate simplicity of the matte appearance and satin touch of Honed finished products are characterised by understated elegance, stylishness and authentic quality.


Designed to emulate authentic concrete, this lightly textured complexion adds a sensorial dimension to any space whilst evoking an industrial presence. Due to the nature of the finish, it is recommended liquids are not left to sit and surfaces are maintained more carefully.


Designed to reflect the rawness of industrial materials, this technologically advanced finish offers a compellingly tactile experience. The coarse look is emboldened by low light reflection and variations in appearance that capture real depth and movement. The distinctive qualities of each slab mean that applications featuring multiple slabs will experience inherent visual differences to make each design unique. Like with concrete finish, spills should be cleaned straight away and surfaces cared for.

Natural Finish

This slightly textured finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone; adding warmth to the

grain with its tactile pleasure. A gently reflective satin sheen captivates and enhances the depth of colour, especially on darker shades.