What are the benefits of a porcelain worktop?

Choosing the right material for your worktop is a key part of any kitchen redesign, so getting to know the benefits of each option before making your decision is always wise.

Firstly, Caesarstone Porcelain is available in a vast range of colours and designs, perfect for any kitchen no matter what style you’ve chosen, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for a marble effect to suit an elegant style or a raw, textured look for a more industrial-themed kitchen, you’ll find a work surface that is the ultimate feature for your home.

Caesarstone’s porcelain worktops are built to the highest standards with great attention to detail so you always know you’re receiving the best quality surface for your home. A reason many opt for this material is that it is one of the more durable surfaces currently available, making it perfect for those busy, multi-purpose kitchens. And due to its resistance to UV rays, this worktop is also ideal for outdoor use too without fear of fading or discolouring, allowing you to enjoy more al-fresco dining in the summer sun.

Practising good hygiene in the kitchen is absolutely essential. Choosing a surface like porcelain which is non-porous means no moisture should be absorbed which prevents bacterial growth. This also allows for quick and easy cleaning keeping you and your family safe from germs.