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What are some popular colours that go well with black worktops?

Many households are turning to the dark side of kitchen design and opting for a black or dark kitchen interior. Various colour combinations work beautifully with dark worktops, such as:

Black and white. This has always been a timeless pairing and still works well to this day in kitchen design. Deep inky surfaces juxtaposed against white gloss cabinets can achieve a sleek, minimalist, and monochromatic look.

Metallics are another classic combination to consider. When used in a dark kitchen design, gold, silver, or copper will offer a sense of elegance and luxury while also reflecting light throughout the room, ensuring the darkness doesn’t reduce the feeling of space.

Or if you want to add some colour to your dark kitchen interior, why not create a focal wall in your selected accent to bring the colour scheme to life, or for a more understated approach, add splashes from your appliances, artwork, and other accessories.

For more colour combinations for your dark kitchen project, or to find out what colour will go with your chosen dark worktop, read our full blog here.