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How is an engineered stone different to a natural stone, and which should I choose for my kitchen worktop?

Natural stone worktops look beautiful in any home and can make for a breathtaking focal point in your kitchen, but they are not without their disadvantages. Being natural, they are prone to certain weaknesses; granite, concrete and marble are all extremely aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately, they're susceptible to cracks and chips, and they're porous which can lead to an increase in germs and bacteria. Not what you want for the hygienic surface on which you’ll be preparing meals for your friends and family.

Engineered stone worktops like the ones Caesarstone lovingly handcraft, are equally as beautiful and are often chosen in place of natural stone for several reasons. Engineered stones like quartz and porcelain are immensely versatile and can take on the appearance of many of your favourite materials. But the reason they’re perhaps a better choice is that they are incredibly durable, resistant to cracks or chips and they are non-porous. They’re also resilient to thermal shock, scratches and stains, and Caesarstone’s porcelain worktops are even UV-resistant, meaning they can be placed outdoors without worrying about fading or discolouration. So, if you’re looking for a surface that is built to last a lifetime, engineered stone worktops from Caesarstone could be the right choice for you.

Unsure which of our many wonderful surfaces will suit your style and home? Try our visualiser to get a better idea of how your kitchen could look, or request a free sample today to feel the quality and durability of a Caesarstone surface in your very hands.