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How does The Pebbles Collection differ from the other collections?

Each surface made by Caesarstone speaks to a different part of human life. The Metropolitan Collection for example evokes an industrial feel, inspired by manufacturing materials such as oxidised steel and poured plaster. Whereas Caesarstone's newest collection takes its lead from the uniqueness of the humble pebble.

Ceaselessly shaped by the force of the wind and the flow of water, each one of these handfuls of nature is truly distinctive. The dynamic colour palette of warm, grey monochromes laces with softer hues and distinctive textures is influenced by the breathtaking nature we find all around us. The subtle, intricate veining of each surface is further enhanced by its considered finish.

If you’re looking for an affordable worktop that celebrates nature’s never-ending transformation, or a surface that cultivates an atmosphere of comfort and calm for your home, Caesarstone’s new Pebbles Collection is perfect for you and your kitchen.