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  2. Purchasing Caesarstone Worktops

How do I get a quote for Caesarstone quartz?

For those at the very beginning stages of planning, you can use our online tool here to locate your nearest Caesarstone studio, they'll help you in designing your entire kitchen.

If you're looking for a Caesarstone worktop for existing or newly fitted cabinetry, we can direct you to one of our trusted stone fabrication partners, get a quote today.

Caesarstone Costs

The final cost of your Caesarstone surface is dependent on which product you choose and, primarily, the size and complexity of the installation.

Caesarstone supplies the chosen slabs only. This is cost A.

A fabricator will then cut, finish and install those slabs in your kitchen or bathroom as a direct commission from you, or by your kitchen or bathroom studio. This is cost B.

The final price is cost A + cost B.

At Caesarstone, we have a guide pricing structure that retailers and fabricators take into account when quoting customers, however, variable factors relating to each individual installation means that we cannot provide quotes directly to our customers.

We recommend that you get at least two or three alternative fabricator quotes to ensure you get the best value.

Consult our Design to Inspire swatchbook for detailed information on the anatomy of a kitchen, along with practical suggestions and advice when considering using Caesarstone in your refurbishment. It also includes an explanation of how a Caesarstone slab is cut and fabricated into a complete worktop.