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Can you repair Caesarstone worktops?

Because we know that our Caesarstone worktops can withstand everything daily life throws at them, we offer a lifetime warranty across all of our indoor products, and a 10-year warranty for our Outdoor Quartz Collection for complete peace of mind (register your warranty here). With the correct care and cleaning, your worktop should remain beautiful for years to come.

Whilst Caesarstone is tough, it is not indestructible – like any other worktop material, it can be permanently damaged if exposed to harsh chemicals or solvents. Similarly, it requires protection from sudden temperature changes and you should avoid applying excessive force or weight.

Some repairs may be restorable by a technical specialist. In the first instance, please contact the fabricator that provided your Caesarstone surface. If you are still having difficulties, contact the Caesarstone team directly at info@caesarstone.co.uk, including photographs showing the issue, and an explanation of the problem.