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  2. Purchasing Caesarstone Worktops

Can I see a Caesarstone worktop before I buy?

A Caesarstone worktop is a luxurious and long lasting feature in the heart of any home, so we understand that this is an important purchase that requires your consideration. For this reason, we at Caesarstone offer several different options for you to try, so you can truly experience the beautiful look and feel of our surfaces before you buy...

If you’re just starting out with your kitchen redesign, requesting a swatch book is an easy way to see multiple surfaces at once. And to have a visual of them with you in your kitchen, next to your favourite appliances, can really help you narrow down your choices.

Or, if you already have a few options in mind, you could book an appointment with us at your nearest studio where you’ll be walked through the collections and can see and feel the surfaces for yourself.

Another great way to help you choose one of our surfaces is to request a sample from us. By having the sample in your home, you can see how they coordinate with other materials and how they’ll look under different lighting.

Finding the right kitchen worktop or stone surface is a journey of partnership and creativity, and we’re here for you every step of the way.